About Jessica and Jason Hayes

Jessica is Jason’s wife and right-hand woman. She is an Army Veteran, having served in Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). She is one tough cookie, and is not afraid to get her hands dirty!

Working alongside Jason, Jessica has had the opportunity to hone her remodeling skills. She also handles the business side of things and knows what it takes to make a project work on time and keep it within budget. You’ll find her on the job site every day because she has a hand in all elements of the process—how materials look as they’re being selected, how to get the best deal, what goes into a harmonious design… you name it, Jessica is here to help with it!

Jason is a jovial and bright man who loves to laugh. He has been doing remodeling work for over 20 years but made the choice to start his own company in 2008. Jason served in the Army as a Cavalry Scout—an experience he never tires of talking about. His military expertise lends itself well to his current work. He is a great leader and has perfect attention to detail.

Jason specializes in remodeling kitchens, and he loves that it forces him to stay on top of the latest trends in design, technology, and appliances. He can keep up with all the newest innovations while also providing customers with something fresh every time they come back!

Jason and Jessica share a beautiful family together, with 2 children and 3 dogs. They have achieved the American Dream, and they both agree that if you work hard, you can create any life you want.

Why Choose Fine Line Remodeling LLC

Sure, there are lots of remodeling companies in the Austin area—but there’s only one Fine Line Remodeling! There’s no secret behind the success of our business. Clients choose Fine Line because they know that when they call, it’s Jason or Jessica answering the phone. They’re the ones showing up to give the estimates, and they’re the ones doing the work.

There are no shortcuts or middlemen involved. Jason and Jessica strive to have direct communication with the homeowner, running a small crew to keep quality high and know every detail of the project. Want to know more? Give them a call or shoot them an email! They would love to hear from you.